Francois has a deep understanding of sales and operations planning, procurement, sourcing, manufacturing, logistics and inventory management. – Jeff Wiedwald (Thomson)  
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Whether you have a specific project(s) in mind or you are looking to hire a “virtual” VP of Ops or Supply Chain, Ops Manager Now can help

How we work


How-we-work-2We can work with you on a specific project and charge a hourly or project rate. Or we can become your Virtual VP and charge you a fraction of what it would cost you to hire one. Ops Manager Now makes outsourcing your Operations and Supply Chain activities work for you by focusing on activities that have the greatest impact to your short term and long term bottom line $.


We only find success when you find success. If for any reason our clients are not satisfied with the results of our work, the contract can be canceled upon notice. Fees or services will be adjusted to achieve client satisfaction.