Francois set consistently high standards for his team’s business processes and drive for the highest acheivable results for himself and those around him. – Warren McCullough (Infinera)
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Corporate-wide sustainability initiatives yield direct, measurable cost savings, revenue generation, and CO2-emission reduction that exceed progress at peer companies


Engage us to implement changes in Operations, Supply Chain, R&D, Facitity, Finance, Employee Engagement, and Marketing to reduce Cost of Goods Sold and SG&A while creating customer preference for sustainable products/services to boost revenue. Companies operating at the intersection of exponential technology advancement and increasing environmental constraints need the vision to choose the most responsible and profitable paths.

Do not put off Strategic Sustainability programs.

Increasing each years are:

  1. Global environmental and social-responsibility regulations ─ covering tech companies’ facilities, product designs, supply chains, worker treatment, and electronic waste.
  2. Corporate and retail customers’ concerns about human and environmental health ─ driving demand for more efficient, safer products made by responsible companies.

Your choices are:

  • Ignore the regulations and face market blockages, fines, expensive “emergency” measures, and risk of tarnished brand, or
  • Profit by staying ahead of regulations, customer requirements, and competitors by embedding environmental efficiency and social responsibility into all processes and product life cycles ─ requiring corporate-wide strategic planning and implementation.

Ops Manager Now can become your Virtual Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO).