Francois is an extremely sharp Supply Chain Professional who thinks strategically without losing sight of the day-to-day details. – Jeff Wiedwald (Thomson)  
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Purchasing and Supply Chain can have a definite impact to the bottom line of a company. We can increase profitability and competitiveness of your organization by streamlining operations

Purchasing and Supply Chain Management

Purchasing (and global sourcing) can account for more that 50% of overall costs in many industries. Make Procurement a strategic operation for your company and realized the benefits.













The goal is to provide the Lowest Landed cost to customers at requested level of services by:

  • Define and implement logistic strategy for “all “
  • Simplicity and efficiency throughout the supply chain
  • Realize Cost savings through:
    • Reduction in Carrying Inventory cost
    • Postponement strategies
    • Reduction in Excess and Obsolete Inventories
    • Reduction in Freight and Warehousing Costs, and other expenses (less touch points)
    • Manage the Logistics via ERP and Leverage  partners (CMs, 3PLs, etc ) capabilities
  • Synergy & Economy of Scale; ie. A scalable solution (Support DOA, reverse logistic and service; Lab-trials in new countries; Globalization (legal entities))